Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wishing to Moosh

     So, I was sitting here this evening working on 74,654,967 post ideas and then it hit me. Oh dear goodness have all the lovelies on my GFC forgotten about me? Do they peer into their reader window, notice Mommylebron hasn't made a new post since 5 days before before forever, sadly sigh and make a mental note to delete me later?
     Please don't do it! I moved to Wordpress some time ago and I deleted all the posts here so people wouldn't think I was ignoring their fantabulous comments. I later learned I cannot take my GFC widget and moosh it into my WP blog. That was a dark day indeed my friends.
     However, I choose to keep this blog open and encourage everyone to pop on the nifty GFC before heading to where the Real Action is because I plan on going all self hosted and what not by the end of the year (ish) and then I will be able to moosh ya'll in and look at your lovely faces every day!
     So, in closing, these were the highlights of our conversation. However one sided it may be:
  1. GFC rocks, make sure your there (or be square)
  2. Go read me on wordpress for the real stories.
  3. There will be mooshing by the end of the year.
  4. Mommy(lebron) loves you.

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